When we travel, we change our daily routine for a more fun and unexpected one. We get out of our home and work to find new places, taste new dishes and enjoy new adventures in an undiscovered place. Of course, our mind is set in “travelling mode” but is very important to keep our body in great shape; finally it is the reason why we can move freely so we can enjoy our travel to its best.

So keep on reading our recommendations to keep your body fit while you are at our hotel in Quito:


Walking is a great cardio exercise! It keeps our heart and muscles active, strong and ready for new challenges. Besides, it’s a great way to know a new city. It’s important to follow these advises before you start:

  • Get a good, confortable and ergonomic pair of shoes, do the same with your entire outfit. Here in Ecuador, is important to take a rain coat with you, just in case.
  • Take few sips of water to keep your body hydrated. A few before you start and a few whenever you need during your walk.
  • Stretch every muscle of your body 10min before you start and 10min after your power walk. Start with your ankles and keep on going up to hour neck, this way you will not get injured.
  • Take as less weight as you can. Keep yourself light and simple.
  • Start with a slow walk, keep the rhythm for 10min and then walk a bit faster until your body is confortable. It is very important to keep the walk rhythm for at least 20min so you can burn calories. After those 30min, slow down your steps for 10 more minutes until you stop. That way your body and heart can return to its normal bit.
  • Don’t forget to stretch at the end and drink fresh water.


These kinds of exercises are the favorite of many sports fan around the world. What you do is create a circuit with several exercises and repeat it. The trick is to do it with your own weight in order to build your body. Here you will find a circuit that you can do inside your hotel room. Don’t forget to stretch for at least 10min before you start:

15 squads: In order to do them correctly, check that your feet are aligned with your shoulders. Start to get down, keep your back straight, look forward, arms parallel to the floor, tense core, buttocks to the back and ankles stuck to the floor. Afterwards, get up slowly with your back straight at all times and repeat.

15 push ups: You can do them on the floor or on a firm object. Remember to keep your hands aligned with your shoulders, your feet together at the back and your fingers open so the weight doesn’t go just to your wrists. Start moving down with your body firm and still until it gets parallel to the floor, as straight as possible, keeping your elbows close to your core. Straighten your arms up with your body straight and repeat.

10 burpees: A complete exercise. Start with your feet aligned to your shoulders. Get down until your hands touch the floor, spread your fingers and jump back with both of your legs until you get into a plank. You can do a push up and then jump forward so you can finally get up slowly and start over. You can jump again at the end to add some cardio to this exercise. If you can’t jump back or forward, just take one of your legs back, do the same with the other one in order to do the plank.

30 seconds plank: Keep this posture for 30 seconds with your core still, back parallel to the floor. It is very important not to get your buttocks up.


Repeat the circuit at least 3 times, maximum 5 times. If you have a mirror so you can look your posture, the better! This way you can correct your body and avoid injuries.

Photo by Blubel on Unsplash


Cycling is one of the most effective activities that work out your whole body. It’s a relaxing activity that will keep you in balance bringing your attention to the present and also, changing your perspective so you can look at the world in a different way.

Here in Quito, we have several places where you can rent a bike but also you can register in the BICIQUITO: a public system for bike rentals with several stops all along the city. You can read more about it here: http://www.biciquito.gob.ec/

We recommend that, if you just arrived the city, keep the cycling within the parks. You’ll always find nice and safe bike roads. Just keep yourself focus and happy.


If you are already a sports fan and you love hiking in the forests, you are in the perfect place! Quito is surrounded by nature and you don’t need to move far to enjoy a great walk. The Metropolitan Park is a great choice just 10min away from our Hotel Finlandia. Also, we highly recommend that you get up to Rucu Pichincha, our signature mountain. Just do it with a company of a guide and after you have get used to the height in Quito because you will reach the 4784 meters above sea level.

During the walk you will enjoy the most beautiful sight of the city along with the Andean Cordillera and its snowy volcanoes. Just 20min from our hotel, a great adventure awaits for you.


La Carolina Park has 64 acres of green land, cycling tracks, food courts, bmx and skating rinks, a lagoon, kids’ corner, a jogging track and a cross fit area. All you need to get fit for free. Just a block from Hotel Finlandia, you can build your body having lots of fun. Besides, every day from 7am you can do guided aerobics just beside the Pope’s Cross.  Or you can go to one of the soccer, volleyball or tennis courts located in the north part of the park. If you are in Quito and you love sports, you can’t miss it.

Besides, if you are staying at Hotel Finlandia, in our restaurant you will find healthy and organic options for you to enjoy.

As you see, there’s no excuse to keep your body healthy while you travel and enjoy the best stay in Quito – Ecuador.

Feature Photo: Top of Rucu Pichincha, Quito Ecuador.