We are about to start December. Soon we will be surrounded by Christmas lights, gifts and of course, the dinner. We can agree that the most important part of the festivity is sharing with your loving ones, that is why the food is the top priority.

At Hotel Finlandia Quito we understand that the center of this tradition is the turkey, so we have created several options for the delight of our guests. Here they are:


You can have your turkey baked at Hotel Finlandia for this special occasion. We also bake pork legs and hams. You can bring your own turkey or ask for the prices if we include the bird. We include two sides and one special sauce for free. For more information, please contact us at cincosentidos@hotelfinlandiaquito.com or by phone: (02) 382 0860.


Whether you are planning your event for family or work associates, Hotel Finlandia offers you its 6 meeting rooms with all the facilities and menus in order to have a successful Christmas festivity. We have a variety of options that includes special beverages you are going to love. To receive more information about our corporate or social packages, please contact ventas@hotelfinlandiaquito.com or call us (02) 382 0860. We will contact you in a short period of time.


If your group is much smaller and you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate Christmas, contact our restaurant right away! Cinco Sentidos restaurant offers delicious menus for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We offer private parking for you to enjoy your time with no stress.  Here are the options:


MENU 1: $21.50

Appetizer: Red quinoa salad with chicken.

Main course: Turkey ham in tropical sauce with “llapingachos” (potato tortilla) and Christmas salad.

Dessert: Christmas fruit pie


MENU 2: $23.50

Appetizer: Shrimp ravioli

Main course: Beef tenderloin with blackberry sauce, wheat cous cous and sautéed vegetables in pesto sauce

Dessert: Christmas chocolate cake

MENU 3: $25.50

Appetizer: Corn soup with salmon

Main course: Chicken roll with natua sauce. Pork tenderloin with grape sauce, doufin potato and vegetables pisto.

Dessert: Carrot cake with coconut


All of these options include a soft drink and a wine glass. Taxes included.



On December 6th, Quito celebrates it foundation festivities with a bunch of events all around the city. Hotel Finlandia joins this celebration with a special menu that brings the best of Quito’s gastronomy together. We leave you with our own “party calendar”:


From December 1st to the 7th:


MENU QUITEÑO from 12:00 until we close for just $14.90

Appetizer: Mini patties trilogy: baby corn, wind and corn

Fist course: Locro Quiteño (traditional potatoe soup)

Main course: Seco de chivo (Quito Style Lamb Stew)

Dessert: your choice of sweet figs with cheese or traditional “paila” ice cream

FOR FREE: your choice of “canelazo” (a special alcoholic drink made with cinnamon and naranjilla) or hot red wine


Plus! Our happy hour will last from 12:00 until closing! Buy one of our exclusive cocktails and get the other one for free!


From December 8th to the 10th:

BRUNCH QUITEÑO to get rid of the “chuchaqui” (hangover), from 7am to 11:30am for just $13.90 per person. Kids younger than 10 years old, pay half.


Taxes included.

Don’t forget about our prices! If you reserve for Quito’s Festivities, Christmas or New Year’s Eve events, you are participating in our contest. The price is one baked turkey with the special sauce and its sides. The winner will be chosen on December 21st. Restrictions apply.

Join us to celebrate December together! Welcome and bon appetite!

Finlandia N35-129 y Suecia

Tel. 02 3820 860

Email. ventas@hotelfinlandiaquito.com